Wed Feb  6 16:31:23 PST 2013

Wow, the dust is settling.  I've rebuilt all the webservers, rebuilt the database servers 
and finally today, the email servers.  I've setup all new filtering for spam etc.  There 
are still issues here and there, feel free to email me and let me know what you experience 
that isn't what you'd expect.

What happened is that the service where my server is hosted had a drive failure that wiped
out all of the data for the server.  By a stroke of blind luck I took a backup about four
days before the drive died.  The positive thing that has come from this is we are now on
mirrored drives, have our backup solution in place and now have fully updated software
the entire server through.

Todo: Get gallery software back up in the various sites etc.

All passwords have been reset, email me to update them.
Wed Sept 3 09:53:11 PST 2014

Again the dust settles.  I upgraded the server and it broke the living daylights out of
most systems in the server.  I have the server back up to about 80%.  If anyone encounters
an issue, please shoot me an email.